I’ve never been able to keep a steady relationship. Whether it was with a boyfriend or a best friend, we just seem to fade out. I don’t know how or why, but I always blame myself for why we faded away. Never in my life have I blamed them or someone else for our departing. It has always been me. But the worst thing about having a relationship fade away is that I can never let them go..
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Even when I’m around a big group of people, I still feel like I’m alone.

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As much as I hate to admit it, every time I say “I don’t care” to you, I do care.

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Oh lawdddddddddddd.

Oh lawdddddddddddd.

I remember how we used to talk. We talked everyday for 3 months and then after that, we just faded away. Sometimes, I see that you’re hurt or that you need someone to talk to. I want to be that person you can talk to, but I feel like I’ll be annoying you. I always try to start a conversation between us, but you never reply back. I want to give up on you, but I just can’t let you go….and I don’t know if I ever will..